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Nunn Jones Drone Surveys 

Nunn Jones 

Drone Surveys 

Nunn Jones provides a highly specialised Drone Survey capability specifically for the telecoms industry. 

Traditionally, drone surveys were completed by third party contractors, often appointed by either our direct client, or the mobile network operators or wireless infrastructure provider. This changed when one of our clients asked Nunn Jones if this was a service that we could provide, as they felt it would dove tail well with the site search work that we were conducting for them. They felt that we could add our acquisition skills and knowledge to the process, rather than it just being a third party contractor, with limited telecoms industry knowledge, carrying out a simple instruction to take panoramic photographs. 
From there we have built our drone capabilities. Our clients, old and new, are pleased with both the quality of the product that we provide to them, and also the fact that due to our telecoms industry knowledge, the reports that we issue to them are right first time, at the correct heights, at the correct resolution for the radio planners to satisfy themselves that the installation would achieve the targeted coverage. 
The scope of our work includes; 
Analysis of the target area and the required coverage 
Detailed flight plan and seek any third party consents required to operate within the area 
Produce a report in the client’s preferred format 
Carry out the survey, ensuring that there are no near vicinity obstructions, such as trees or buildings, and if there are, take additional panoramic photos at a height that will clear these obstructions 
Produce a 360 degree panoramic at a high enough resolution to give detailed imagery to ascertain coverage requirements and identify potential line of sight to surrounding telecommunications infrastructure for point to point radio links 
We offer great flexibility, and can often programme work with extremely tight turnaround times. We can, and do, cover any area within the UK. 
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