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Nunn Jones National surveys and valuations 

Nunn Jones 

National surveys and valuations 

Inspections and surveys for injurious affection claims against the distribution network operators (DNO) 

Nunn Jones carry out surveys and valuations of residential property for injurious affection claims against the distribution network operators (DNO) for high voltage lines oversailing and equipment located on properties. Our client, Smith Tunbridge Ayres, work on behalf of the most of the UK DNO in assessing, inspecting and settling these claims. Nunn Jones have carried our several thousand inspections and valuations nationally. We provide a complete and end to end service to our client, allowing them to issue us with a list of inspections required and when they wish the reports to be completed by, and we do the rest. 
The rest consists of: 
Create a journey plan to complete between 10-20 inspections within the day 
Inform the claimant and confirm with them the visit, allocating a 2 hour time slot 
Carry out the inspection, noting the equipment over sailing and located within the property, ensuring that all property owned and occupied by the claimant is correctly identified 
Carry out a pictorial record of condition of the property, along with obtaining property details to allow a valuation to be completed 
Complete a report detailing all lines, equipment and providing a property valuation supported by at least three comparable properties 
We offer great flexibility alongside a prompt turnkey service to our clients, and can cover any area of the UK, with most of our work being in England and Wales. 
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