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Our Services Professional services for the Telecoms, Power & Utility Sectors 

Our Services 

Professional services for the Telecoms, Power & Utility Sectors 

Rent Reviews  

Nunn Jones’ is able to access a range of comparable evidence to provide sound advice in respect of rent reviews and rent review disputes, with the sole aim of minimising the liability of any third party reference and therefore keeping fees to a minimum. Should such reference be required we are able to act as Expert Witness. 

Lease Renewals 

Nunn Jones has a thorough understanding of both Code and non-Code agreement renewals and is able to negotiate the best terms possible whilst maintaining regards to the relevant professional statements and practices to ensure the client is advised professionally and ethically at all times, keeping costs to a minimum by reducing the risk of fee awards against our clients. 

Party Wall Notices 

Often overlooked, Party Wall Notices (PWNs) are a legal requirement under the Party Wall Act 1996 in any situation where changes are made to a party wall or excavations carried out within a certain distance of an existing building ort structure.  
Failure to serve the relevant notice on the correct party or parties at the correct time and in the correct format can lead to delays in the build process and increase costs. In certain circumstances non-compliance with the Act can lead to the operator not acting in accordance with its statutory duty under the Code. Here at Nunn Jones, we can advise when a PWN is required, on whom service is required and prepare the correct notice. 

Duty of Care 

Whilst Nunn Jones’ Duty of Care is always to its clients, we understand that our duty extends to more than simply acting upon the client’s instruction. Occasionally the course of action demanded by the client is not, in our professional opinion, justified and has little chance of success.  
In these instances, Nunn Jones will always advise of the client to reconsider and recommend a revised course of action accordingly. Should any client insist on a course of action that we consider to be at odds with our professional ethics or is likely to be unsuccessful, we may to refuse to take such instruction, ensuring that we offer sound advice at all times and to all clients. 


Nunn Jones’ Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ (RICS) Registered Valuer is able to provide valuations carried out in accordance with RICS mandatory professional guidelines thus ensuring the client can be confident that the report is both comprehensive and capable of cross-examination by a range of experts from the opposing Valuer to the Upper Tribunal.  
Valuation Services Nunn Jones can provide: 
Valuation for Negotiation Purposes reports - Providing the client with a valuation range along with a recommendation of the value likely to be awarded should third party reference be required 
Valuations on behalf of both Operators and Site Providers - to be used in the formal valuation process prior to reference to the Upper Tribunal or third-party determination. 
Valuations to assist negotiations in cases of Compulsory Purchase and Statutory Acquisition 

Expert Witness 

Nunn Jones is able to provide Expert Witness reports in connection with both Code and none-Code telecommunication references, including 1954 Act renewals and rent reviews and has acted as an Expert Witness for a large utility in respect of a complex lease renewal. 
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